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Word XP (2002)


Adding a Header and Footer

There is a space at the top and bottom of your page that can be used for any Header or Footers you may want. You can enter anything you want in these areas, but normally they are used for page numbering, your name, the location of the document you are reading etc. The advantage of Headers and Footers is that they appear on every page of your document.


Here I will show you how to add your name into a Header and the file location and page numbers into the footer.


First open Word.


Select View, then Header and Footer.





























You will then see the dotted box labelled Header where you can enter your information.





























You can type directly into the Header, or you can use the Header and Footer Toolbar. Click on the Insert Autotext drop down menu to see what is automatically available.





























As we are only entering your name, none of the options available are suitable, so I will just type in my name.





























Next we want to add details to the Footer. Click on the




icon to switch between the Header and Footer.





























As you can see the dotted box is labelled Footer.


This time I want to add the page number, along with a total number of pages plus the location of the document. Click on the Insert Auto Text drop down to see what can be used.





























For the page numbering we can use the Page X of Y. Select this option.





























You can now see the page numbering. You can use the normal document formatting you use for text on the headers and footer, so if you wanted the page numbering on the right you can click on the Right Justification




icon to move it.





























Next to add the document location. At the end of Page 1 of 1 text press return to start a new line.


Again click on the Insert Auto Text drop down, and click Filename and Path.





























This will automatically insert the full file path of the document.





























Now click Close on the Header and Footer toolbar.


You will see the text fade to a light grey and if you try to select it, nothing happens.





























If you want to edit any of the Headers and Footers, you will again have to click View then Header and Footer to make them available.



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