Text Formats

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Word XP (2002)


Text Formats


When you open Word Xp you need to see the formatting bar, it looks like this:





If you don’t have the toolbar, then click View, Toolbars then select Formatting. The bar should then appear on your screen.



























Using the Font Menu


In the block of text below we are going to change the heading and add the superscript feature to some of the numbers. We will also change the font to Arial. At the moment we can see from the toolbar that it is using Times New Roman and is size 12.




























Changing the Font


First highlight all the text as we are going to change it to Arial.




























Using the drop down menu next to the font, select Arial.




























You will now see the font has changed to Arial. Click anywhere in the white space to remove the highlighting.




























Changing the Heading


As before, highlight the text you wish to make as the heading.




























This time select the Style drop down and scroll down to Heading 1. Click on Heading 1.




























You can now see the heading has changed.




























You could have highlighted the heading text and just changed the font and size of the text. The advantage to using the Headings feature is when you move onto creating Indexes, they use the headings style to create the index layout so you must use them if you want to automatically create an Index.


You can still add other formatting to the heading, like underlining it, making it bold or centring the text which will not affect how indexes view it.



Making Text Superscript


As always, highlight the text first.




























Now select Format and then Font.




























In the new window tick the box for Superscript. Then click OK.























You can now see the numbers have been made smaller and raised up.



























Font Menu Options


There are may other option under the Format, Font menu. I have created a list below with an example of what they do. You will also be able to change the font used here, the same as the formatting bar could do. Where the same feature can be done from the toolbar, I have shown the icon you will need to click on.




























Shows all the available fonts on your computer.


Font Style:








Bold Italic







This changes the size of the text. You can choose from the drop down list, or type in a number of your choice.


Strike Through





Double Strikethrough





































Small Caps





All Caps





Hidden – yes it really does hide the text



Font Colour – use the drop down to choose a colour ()



Underline Style – use the drop down menu to choose a style ()





Resetting your Formatting


Should you make a mistake and have trouble getting the text back to normal, click on the style drop down on the toolbar and select Clear Formatting.





























Character Spacing


You may have noticed on the Font window there were two other tabs. I will now explain the Character Spacing tab.


As always, select the text you wish to change.




























Select Format then Font from the menus, and then click on the Character Spacing tab























Changing the Scale will change the size of the text by whatever you select. In my example I have made it 200% bigger than normal, then click OK to confirm the change.























As you can see it is much larger than before.




























The Spacing option allows you to change the size of the space between character by either expanding or condensing it. You then select how much you wish to change it by. In this example I have chosen to Expand it by 1.5 pts























It now looks like this.




























You can also Raise or lower the text, similar to what Superscript and Subscript does, but it also allows you to decide how much you want to change it by. I am going to Raise the text by 8 pts by using the Position: drop down menu, then changing how much By:























This is the effect it has.





























Text Effects


The last of the Font tabs is Text Effect. I am not going to go into detail with these; it is better if you just click on them and see what they do. Suffice to say these effects look good on the screen but don’t work so well when printed out.
























Highlighting Text


Another useful feature is highlighting text, the same as you would with a highlighter pen on a normal document. To do this select the text you want to highlight.




























Then select the Highlight icon from the Formatting toolbar.




Your text will now be highlighted.




























There is a drop down arrow next to the Highlight icon. Select this and then another colour, to choose an alternative colour use for the highlighting.



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