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Using Tracked Changes

If you are not aware tracked changes are turned on you may think there is a problem with the font or colour you are using. The first thing to check is at the bottom of the screen where you will see TRK. If this is in bold, it means tracked changes are on, if it was faded like the REC next to it, then it is turned off.


Reviewer Toolbar


There are two ways of turning on tracked changes. The first is possible if the Reviewing toolbar is available. It looks like this and will be at the top of your screen.




If the bar is shown, then clicking on the Track Changes



icon will turn them on. This same icon can be used to turn them off again.


If this toolbar is not available, then click Tools and Track Changes.





























This will also turn on and off the tracked changes. Using this to turn tracked changes on will also show the Reviewer toolbar.


Even after turning off tracked changes, any changes that had been made will still show. The only way to change the document back to a normal looking document is to confirm or reject the changes.



Adding Changes


Move the cursor to where you want to make a change. In this example I am going to add Sir after Dear. Check your tracked changes are turned on.





























You will see the new text is entered in red.





























I am also going to add some details after my name.





























I am now going to add a comment to my change. Comments can be used as notes for others that may read the document.


To add a comment, click on the New Comment icon.



You can then type in the comment box. The comment line will start from wherever your cursor is when you click on the comment icon. This means you can add comments to any part of the document, even parts you have not made a change to.




























You can move between the changes by clicking on the Previous


Next icons


You can accept or decline the changes by using the

Accept change icon

or the Reject change / Delete comment icon.


Each of these icons has a drop down menu. On each of them is the option to Accept all changes in document or Reject all changes in document. The Reject Changes icon also has the option to Delete all comments in the document.


Hovering the mouse over a change will show who made the change and when.




























When you accept a change then the text changes back to the normal font for the document as shown below.




























As you can see the comment box remains. You will need to delete this comment by right clicking the comment and selecting Delete comment.




























The comment has now been deleted.




























You can also view all the changes by clicking the Reviewing Pane icon.



This shows a pane at the bottom of the screen with all the changes and comments. Clicking this icon again will close the Reviewing Pane.




























From here you can right click on the text, in this example Sir, and either Accept Insertion or Reject Insertion.




























I am going to click Accept Insertion.




























As you can see the Sir in the main letter has changed back to normal text, and the Reviewer Pane at the bottom no longer has our change.



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