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Inserting Page numbers



There are two ways of inserting page numbers into a Word document. One is to put it into a Footer or Header; this has been shown in the Header and Footer documentation, or to use the insert Page Numbers menu. Here I will only be showing you the later of the two, as mentioned, the first is shown elsewhere.


First, open Word. Now click Insert from the menu, then Page Numbers.





























In the new window you have a number of choices regarding the Page numbering.












Under the Position: drop down you can choose from having the page numbers at the bottom or at the top. You may notice that these are added to the Header or Footer and can be edited in the same way as you would normally edit those areas.


The Alignment: drop down allows you to choose the location of the page number within the Header or Footer. They choices are Left, Centre or Right, plus Inside or Outside. The first three choices are self explanatory, but the last two needs a bit more details. The inside and outside are based on how you would view a book. Inside means that the left page will be on the right and the right page it will be on the left, basically in the middle of the book. Outside is the opposite and the page numbers will be on the outside edge of the book.


There is also a tick box for numbering the first page. Remove this tick if you do not want a number on the first page.


Click OK to confirm any changes you make.


There is also a Format button. When you click on it you have the following options.
















The Number format: allows you to change the page numbering from a standard 1,2,3 etc to using alphabetic paging or even Roman numerals.


Click OK to confirm any changes you make.


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