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Using AutoText

AutoText allows you to enter a pre defined set of text into a document using the AutoText command.


There are several AutoTexts set up as default within word. To use them, click Insert, then AutoText. You will see there are a number of groups, for example Attention Line, which when you move over them provide a list of text entries. Here I will select Attention:




























This adds the word Attention: to my document.




























AutoText has the advantage in being able to set a standard format for certain words or phrases, even whole paragraphs, which allows consistency across all your documents.


You can create your own AutoText by first typing what it is you are going to store in the AutoText.




























Now select the text you are going to store.




























Then click Insert, AutoText and New.




























You will be asked to give your AutoText a name, and then click OK.










I can now use my AutoText by clicking Insert, AutoText, Normal and Many Thanks.




























It will then be added to my document.




























You can delete any of the AutoTexts by clicking on Insert, AutoText then AutoText.




























In the new window select the AutoText tab.

























You can scroll down the list by moving the slide bar, click on the AutoText you want to delete and press the Delete button on the right.

























Once you have deleted your AutoText, press OK. Alternatively press cancel to close the window.


When you look again at the menu list, the Normal menu with the Many thanks AutoText has been removed. If you had created other AutoTexts then the Normal choice would still be there, but the Many thanks AutoText would be gone.




























You can also use this window to add a new AutoText by typing your text in the Enter AutoText entries here: box and then pressing Add.

























There is also an Insert button which allows you to select the AutoText and insert it into your document.


These last methods of adding and inserting text are possible here, but the first method I showed you, by using the menus, is much quicker and simpler. I have only mentioned it for completion.



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