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Using Mail Merge


Before creating the mail merge I would recommend creating your letter so you have a basic template to work from. You will also need a source for the details you are going to merge into your letter. In this example I am taking the names, address and telephone numbers from an Excel spreadsheet.


My letter looks like this and has been saved as a standard .doc file.



























My Excel spreadsheet looks like this.
















Some points to note for later with the spreadsheet are the facts it has at line 1 a header row, and that it is on Sheet 1.


First open your Word document.


To start the mail merge click Tools, Letters and Mailings then Mail Merge Wizard.



























On the right of your screen a new section appears.



























Under Select Recipient we are going to use an existing list (our Excel Spreadsheet). As you can see from the options you can use Outlook Contacts or if you click on the Type a new list you can create a list of names, addresses and any other details within this mail merge. If you are likely to use these merged details again, I would recommend entering them into a spreadsheet as creating a list here would mean having to edit this letter each time and this has been know to cause problems when doing the mail merge.


As we are using our spreadsheet we now need to click Browse under Use an existing list.




















In the new window you will need to navigate to where you have saved your address file. In my example I have saved it on the Desktop and its called Addresses. Select your file and click Open.













As my spreadsheet had 3 sheets, I am asked on what sheet are the details I want. As noted earlier it is on Sheet 1. You will also note the tick box for the First row of data contains column headers. This is the row 1 on my spreadsheet. If you have no headings then remove this tick. Click OK when you have made your selections.


















You will now see the Mail Merge Recipient window. This gives you the data on your spreadsheet and you can remove the ticks against any persons you do not want to be part of this mail merge. In this example I am going to remove C.You


















Click OK when you are ready.



























You will not be back to your main document. In the bottom right you can click on Next: Write your letter




























As we have already written our letter we now just need to add our name and address details to the letter. The Address block option will add all the address details providing your headings on your spreadsheet match those used in Word. To ensure you get the right details I would recommend clicking on More items link and we will add our details manually.


First, move your cursor to where you want to enter these details on your letter. In my example I want the address at the top. Now click More items.



















We can now select the data we want to enter. As I only want the address at the top I am going to select Street then click Insert. I can then click Town and Insert, Postcode and Insert and finally Telephone Number and Insert. Once finished I can click Close.


My letter now looks like this.




























If I run the mail merge now it will show all the address details in one line. I want to change the formatting so each part of the address is on a separate line, I also want a line space before the telephone number and I want it all on the right. This can be done with the normal formatting for word. The rule is you have to keep everyting from the << to >> together but otherwise each section can be formatted differently. By simply putting a Return between each of the >><< I can put then on separate line. I can then highlight all the text and Right Justify the text.


My letter now looks like this.




























One other part of the mail merge is the persons name after Dear. Move the cursor to then end of the line with Dear and again select More items from the right.



















This time select Name and click Insert. Now click Close. Our letter now has the name field entered and looks like its ready to be mail merged.




























We can now preview your letter with the mail merged data. Click Next: Preview your letters in the bottom right.




























As you can see the << to >> field details have been replaced with the data from your spreadsheet. On the right you can click on the >> and << to move through the rest of your letters. If you decide to change any of the recipients you can click on the Edit recipient list and add or remove the tick against the person to include them or not.


If you are happy to progress, click on Next: Complete the merge in the bottom right.




























You can now either print your letters by using the Print link on the right, or Edit the individual letters. The latter choice will open all the letters in Word where you can go through then as if they were one large document. Please be careful when choosing this option as if you have created a lot of mail merges then your new document may be very large. I would recommend saving your letter before choosing this option if in doubt.


When you click on Edit individual letters you will be given a choice of what to see.









If your mail merge is not very large then selecting All may be fine. Alternatively you can select just the current record, or from a range of records. This range is useful if your mail merge is going to be large and you just want to see a sample of records to check for accuracy before printing.



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