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Word XP (2002)


Using AutoRecover


By default AutoRecover in Word is turned ON. But, it will only work if you have saved your document at least once first.


To take full advantage of this feature I recommend as soon as you start a new document, even before typing anything, that you save it.


To check that AutoSave is turned on click Tools, then Options.




























In the new window, select the Save tab.

























Check the Save AutoRecover info every: has a tick next to it. There will also be a time, in minutes, next to it. You can use the up and down arrows to change this time to whatever suits you, but bear in mind that setting it too often may slow down your pc, whilst setting it to long will result in a possible greater loss of work.


If you had to tick the box, or change the timing click the OK button to confirm the changes. Otherwise click Cancel to close the window.


If your PC or Word should crash there will now be a temporary file saved with your file. When you restart Word you will see a menu come up on the side showing any documents it can AutoRecover.




























As you can see I have a recovered document, and it also give me the option to open the original document. Both of these are time and date stamped so you can see which is the most recent. Click on the one you wish to open.




























This has opened my recovered document. To close the side panel, click the Close button at the bottom.


Your document will show normally on the screen.




























You will notice in the top bar that the document name has (Recovered) after it. You need to save this document either with the old name, or a new one, otherwise any changes you have made will be lost.



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