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Setting up a New Account


Before you can setup a new account you will need to have your e-mail address, username, password, POP3 and SMTP details. All these should be provided by your Internet Service Provider, or whoever you have your e-mail account with.


Open Outlook Express


When first opening Outlook Express, you may be presented with a wizard if no account has ever been set-up. If you do not have the wizard, then it may take you to your front screen that looks like the one below.






























It is possible if someone had already tried to set up your account without success, then you may not have this screen and you are viewing one of the mailboxes like the Inbox shown below.






























From here there are two ways of running the wizard. You can click on the Outlook Express link on the left under Folders. This will take you back to the first screen. You can then click on the Set up a Mail Account link under E-Mail.


You will then see the wizard start.

























Another way of running the wizard is to click on Tools then Accounts.



























Click the Mail tab, Add and then Mail...


















The first page of the wizard asks for your name. This is what a person you send the e-mail to will see so it could be a nickname, first name or your full name.


Enter your name then click Next

























In the next window enter your e-mail address then click Next

























For the next page you will next to enter your POP3 and SMTP details provided to you by your Internet Service Provider. The POP details go in the Incoming Mail box and the SMTP details in the Outgoing mail box. Click Next when you have entered your details.

























The next window asks for your username and password. When you first see this window it will already have your account name entered. Check this is correct, as given to you by your Internet Service Provider, as the default is not always right. You will also need to enter your password.

























There is a check box to remember your password. If you do not want Outlook Express to remember your password then remove the tick in this box. Each time you check your e-mails you will then be presented with a box asking you to confirm your password.


Click Next when complete.

























You have now completed all your details so click Finish to exit the wizard.


To check you have set up your account correctly, open Outlook Express and click on the Send/Recv box. Outlook Express with then check to see if you have any e-mails and download them if available.





































NOTE: If you removed the tick for remember password then you will see a box like the one below in which you will need to enter your password and click OK.

















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