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Outlook Express 6


Export and Import of Mailbox and Account Details


When moving to a new PC, Outlook Express 6 has an Import and Export feature that allows you to smoothly move all your account details to the new PC. I have also included instruction on how to move your existing mailboxes should your wish to do so.


Open Outlook Express


Click on Tools and then Accounts



























Select the Mail tab then click on your account. Once selected click Export




















Choose a place to save your account details. When chosen, select Save

























Copy the file to the new pc, you may need a USB flash drive or to burn the file to CD.


Once you have saved the file onto your new PC, open Outlook express.


Select Tools and then Accounts.

































Click Import in the new window.























Navigate to where you save the file, select it, and then click Open.





























Your exact account details will now be on the new PC. But, the e-mails you have already downloaded may not be.


If this is the case then follow the same instruction as in Outlook Express – Moving the Default Mailbox Location from where it shows you how to find the mailboxes. Instead of creating a folder on the same PC, copy them to your new PC and change the Store Location as documented.



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