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Moving the Default Mailbox location


The default save location for Outlook Express is normally buried well down the file structure, in hidden files. This can be a problem if you want to regularly backup your mailboxes. The easiest way to get round this problem, is to change the location of where the mailboxes are saved.


First we need to find out where the e-mails are saved.


Open Outlook Express and click Tools, Options



























Click on the Maintenance Tab.





























Then click Stored Folders











In the Store Location it will show you where your mailbox is currently saved. If you click on the location you can use the arrow keys to scroll across to find the rest of the details. In this case the full location is

C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Application Data\Identities\{ECD929A0-8431-4249-B0DA-C8D62C906FC0}\Microsoft\Outlook Express


If you try to go to that location you may find the Application Data folder is missing. This is because its a hidden folder and so you will need to un-hide it first. To do this click on Start then My computer. Start navigating to where your mailboxes are. So in the example above we will double click the C: drive icon.



























Double click the Documents and Settings folder



























Double click the Bob folder



























In the Bob folder we do not have the Application Data folder as its been hidden.



























Click Tools and Folder Options



























In the Folder Options window select the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and then click OK.






























You will now be able to see many faded folders, including the Application Data folder. Double click the Application Data folder.



























Double click the Identities folder.



























Double click the {ECD929A0-8431-4249-B0DA-C8D62C906FC0} folder. Your folder may have a slightly different name but is likely to be in a similar format.



























Double click the Microsoft folder.



























Double click the Outlook Express folder.



























And then at last we can see our mailboxes.



























As you can see this is not the easiest location to get to. So we are going to move them to a folder on the C: drive called E-mails. Now that folder doesn't exist yet so we need to create it.


To do that, click Start and My Computer. Double click the C: drive



























In the new window, right click in the white space and select New then Folder.





































Give the New Folder the name E-Mail



















































Now we need to move the mailboxes from the original location to the new folder. To do this open the window that has the mailboxes.



























Press Ctrl and the letter A (Ctrl-A)



























This will select all the mailboxes. Now press Ctrl-C to copy them.


Go back to the window that shows your E-mail Folder and double click the E-mail folder to open it. Now press Crtl-V which will paste the copy of your mailboxes into the new folder.



























All we now need to do is change where Outlook Express looks for its mailboxes.


Hopefully you will still have the Store Location open. If you don't then the full way to get there is open Outlook Express, click Tools, Options, click the Maintenance tab then click Store Folder











Now click on Change and you will be given a Browse for folder box. It will point to the current location of your mailboxes and so you will need to find where your new E-mail folder is. It should be at C: E-mail.






















Navigate to the new folder, select it and click OK.






















The Store Location will change to your new location. Click OK











You will be prompted with a warning that there are folders already in the new location. This is because we copied them. Click Yes to the message.










You will receive a warning that this change will not happen until you restart Outlook Express. Click OK










Back in the Options window select OK to confirm your changes.





























Now close and reopen Outlook Express for the changes to take effect.


For a quick check, go to Tools, Options, select the Maintenance tab and Store folder then check the store location has your new folder location.



A few points to note.

As we copied the folders to the new location, you do still have the originals in the default location. These can be deleted if your new mailboxes are all working correctly.


When copying over the mailboxes, instead of doing a Ctrl-C you can do a Ctrl-X. This will then copy your mailboxes but delete the originals. I personally do not recommend doing this. If something went wrong with your PC just at that moment you are likely to loose all of your e-mails. Its best to copy and then go back to deleted the mailboxes when you know all the rest is working.



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