Loading a .WIM image

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Loading a .WIM image


The AIK needs a Windows image file on which to base its AutoUnattend and Unattend files. One can be found on the Windows 7 installation DVD.


Copy the Install.wim file from the \Sources directory of your Windows DVD to a folder on your PC.


The program we will be using to create the AutoUnattend and Unattend files is called the WIndows System Image Manager (WSIM). This can be found by going to Start - All Programs - Microsoft Windows AIK


First you have to load the image file. In the WISM select File then Select Windows Image.

































Navigate to where you copied the image.wim file to and select it. Then click Open.

































Select the version of Windows you wish to create the Unattend files for. Select OK.

































Select yes to create a new catalog file.

































Allow the catalog file to be created, this may take a few mins.

































Once the catalog file has been created you should now see folders in the Windows Image area.

































Your now ready to start creating your Unattend files.



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