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The Clone Build


Putting everything together goes something like this:


Create the AutoUnattend.xml file by using WSIM in the AIK and save to a USB stick.


Boot a new PC with a Win7 SP1 DVD and have the USB plugged into the back port of the PC.


WIN 7 will load and read the AutoUnattend.xml file to create a first setup.


Once Windows has loaded:


Create the unattend.xml file using the WSIM in the AIK and copy the unattend.xml file to the c:\Windows\System32\Sysprep folder.


If you are including drivers in the image, then save them to a folder on the disk and then edit the registry so when the PC comes out of SYSPREP it knows where to find them. In my case I have saved them to a folder on the C: drive called Dell, so edit the DevicePath registry at HKLM/Software/Windows/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version. Add ;c:\dell - the ; is required to separate the locations. Do not delete what is already there, just add your folder location.


Create a new folder called Scripts in the C:\Windows\setup folder. Create a new .cmd file called SetupComplete.cmd using Notepad and copy the following code into it:

del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml

del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml

This will run after sysprep and delete your unattend.xml files so people wont see any codes or passwords that the file may contain.


Install any programs you want in the clone for example Office and an Anti-Virus.


When you have everything ready, run SYSPREP.exe


Set the System Cleanup Action to Enter system out-of-box Experience (OOBE), tick Generalize. Set the Shutdown Options to Shutdown and click OK.


The PC will run SYSPREP and when complete, shut down the PC.


I use Ghost to then take a copy of the disk which is then deployed to all other PCs from a Ghost bootable USB drive. An alternative is to use Image X run from a bootable USB.


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