A Tidy Hard Drive

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Windows XP


Tidying Up Your Hard Drive


There are 2 parts to tidying up your hard drive. The first is to carry out a disk cleanup to remove any unnecessary files, then to defragment your hard drive so all the files and programs are organised more efficiently on the drive.


Disk Cleanup


Click Start then My Computer



























This will open a window showing your hard drives
























Right click on the C: drive to show a menu and select Properties


























You will now see the C: drives properties window































Click on the Disk Cleanup button. The disk cleanup will now run a check on what files can be cleaned up.












Once Disk Cleanup has finished its calculations, you will see a new window showing what can be removed. I would recommend selecting all the tick boxes except for Compress Old Files, which can be found by scrolling down the list. Once ready, click OK.






























You will be prompted to confirm you selections. Click Yes.











Disk Cleanup will now start removing the files you have selected.












Once completed, you will be back to the C: drive Properties window.


































Click on the Tools tab, then click on the Defragment Now button.































Select your C: drive and click Analyze.































Once an analysis on the drive is complete, you will be advised on whether its worth defragmenting the drive. Either select Defragment to start the defragmentation program, or click Close to return to the Properties window. I am going to click on Defragment.












The Defragment program will now run and start to tidy up the files and programs on your drive. Please be aware that depending on the size of your drive and the speed of your computer, this can take a long time.































Once it has completed, you will see this window. Click Close.































You will now see the Disk Defragmenter window. Notice how you no longer have any red defragmented files. As there is still a lot of white space beteween the blue lines, I would recommend running the defrag again to improve the performance of the drive further.












Once you are happy with the defragmentation, close the window. You can now close any other open windows.































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