Uninstall a Program

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Windows XP


Uninstalling a Program


Click Start, then Control Panel



























There are 3 ways the Control Panel may display. The default view looks like this:






























If you have the Classic View (you can switch between views by using the link at the top left) it will look like this:






























The third way views the Control Panel as a list














































In any view, you want to click on Add or Remove Programs.


In the new window, a list of all the programs installed on your PC are shown. Scroll down to the program you wish to uninstall and click on it.



























You should now see a Change/Remove button. Click this button. Depending on the uninstall procedure for the particular program you are removing, you may have to answer a few questions to confirm the uninstall. In my case I have been asked am I sure I want to uninstall this program.











The Add or Remove Programs will now update to show the program has uninstalled.




























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